Archontiko Geki 1876

How to get here

With car to ioannina

  • The distance from Athens is 445Km through Patras. The trip lasts about 3 hours.
  • The distance from Thessaloniki is 370Km through Trikala. You can also come from Egnatia street through Grevena in about 3.5 hours.

With car to Zagori
  • You can come to Zagori  with your car through national road Kozani Ioannina from Kalpaki or Metamorfosi. Also the visitor can come from Thessaloniki through Konitsa  covering a distance of 320Km.
  • Coming from Metsovo, after about 40Km, you will reach the east villages of Zagori.
  • Finally, coming from Ioannina, your car needs to write for about 20Km in its’ speed counter in order to reach the first villages of central or east Zagori.
With bus from Ioannina
  • Distance 435Km, daily itineraries with bus through Rio-Antirio.
  • Itineraries from Athens: Kifisou 100, tel. 2105129363
  • Itineraries from Ioannina: tel. 2651026286
  • Distance 357Km, daily itineraries with bus.
  • Itineraries from Thessaloniki: tel. 2310500111
  • Itineraries from Ioannina: tel 2651026286
  • Distance 236 Km, daily bus services.
  • Bus services from Patras: tel. 2610623887
  • Bus services from Ioannina: tel. 2651026286
  • Distance 102 Km, daily bus services.
  • Distance 75 Km, daily bus services.
  • Distance 100 Km, daily bus services.
Air-flights to Ioannina
The area served by Ioannina Airport, with daily air flights from and to Athens and Thessaloniki.


Paths to villages of Zagori.

The area has a good road network through this all villages communicate. The distance between the villages aren’t too much, because of this you have the opportunity to travel easy to nearest villages, in a few days. Bus services from Ioannina to Papigo take place by KTEL Ioanninon (tel. 2651026286).

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