Archontiko Geki 1876

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The “Archodiko geki 1876” is a traditional resort guests’ house (A’ category 4 stars) in one of the most beautiful villages located in big Papigo  of zagorochoria. It was one of the biggest and richest aristocratic houses in the area with the characteristics of rich zagorisio house.  Strong stonework, carved rosette, fireplaces, wooden fine ceiling and also beautiful wall-paintings.  It was built in 1876 from the best stonemasons, carpenters and painters from the area and they raised  a house with impressive dimensions and rich interior decoration.

The best quality of construction of this house helped it stand the time and the war conditions. The craftsmanship of reconstruction and new buildings also lasted almost 3 years as they were made with special care and respect to tradition. All spaces of hostel are hospitable while the stone and wood creates an atmosphere of calm for those who want to escape from city life.

One unique type of hostel is that is located in a land of 2 m2 , where anyone can enjoy its’ coffee admiring the view. The hostel has 9 rooms for 2 or 3 person with Jacuzzi, hydromassage, fireplace, telephone, TV, mini bar, Parking in the ground of hostel such as all modern comforts which someone expects from it. The hostel also has a cafeteria  where everyone can taste the traditional sweets and foods of the area.

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